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September 19, 2011
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September 19, 2011
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Leo Clubs

Leo Clubs and Youth Exchange District Chairperson: IPDG/CC Pam Graney (

The District Leo Club Chairperson provides the District Governor a liaison with Lions Clubs and Leo Clubs within District 1-D. This Chairperson is available to aid District 1-D Lions Clubs in starting Leo Clubs and to offer existing Leo Clubs ideas on operating a club.


District 1D has 14 active Leo Clubs. They are listed alphabetically below with Sponsoring Lions Clubs:


  1. East Dubuque                        East Dubuque Lions
  2. Forreston                                Forreston Lions
  3. Harvard                                   Harvard Lions
  4. Hiawatha Jr. High                 Kirkland Lions
  5. Hiawatha Sr. High                 Kirkland Lions
  6. Hononegah                             Rockton Lions
  7. Marengo                                  Marengo Lions
  8. North Boone                           Capron Lions
  9. Paw Paw                                  Paw Paw Lions
  10. Prophetstown                        Prophetstown Lions
  11. Rockford                                 Rockford Noon Lions
  12. Roscoe                                     Roscoe Lions
  13. South Beloit                            South Beloit Lions
  14. St. Mary’s-Dixon                    Dixon Evening Lions