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October 14, 2017
Oregon Lions Help Village of Progress Recover from Flooding
October 14, 2017
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Brion Brooks Speaks to Oregon Lions

Brion Brooks, Executive Director of the Village of Progress in Oregon, spoke at the Oregon Lions Club meeting on September 28th. He explained the journey that led him to his present position as director of the facility that provides care for developmentally disabled clients as well as employment for several members of that population.

His early training and education led him to graduate with a degree in law which he practiced for 20 years. After that he became an ordained minister, serving as pastor at a church in Oregon for 4 years. His first child Rachael had been born developmentally disabled and was getting services at the Village of Progress. He was a board member there and knew the impact the program had on the quality of her life, so when he was asked to become the Director four years ago, he accepted the job.

Pictured: Oregon Lion Duane Herrmann, Oregon Lion Dr. Carri Anderson, Director Brion Brooks, and Oregon Lion President Rob Arneson