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Genoa-Kingston 2018 Spelling Bee

The Genoa Lions invited the 12 finalists in the district Spelling Bee to dinner this Wednesday night (1/17) at the Masonic Temple in Genoa. Three students from 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades were successful in their class spelling bees and ready to spell their way to the regionals to be held at Kishwaukee College in Malta in March. The winner of this year’s Genoa-Kingston Spelling Bee was Bryanna Sonntag an 8th grader at Genoa-Kingston Middle School and the daughter of Garret and Tammy Sonntag of Genoa. The second place winner was Alyssa Mostek, the daughter of Joshua and Amber Mostek of Genoa, she is a 6th grader at Genoa-Kingston Middle School. Ms. Sonntag and Ms. Mostek took 24 rounds to find the victor, their nearest competitor was eliminated before the 12th round. Third place was won by 6th grader Kiefer Tripp. Dinner was hosted by Lion President Jerry Helland and the Genoa Lions Club, which provided the trophies for the First and Second Place winners. Genoa’s McDonalds donated 12 -$10 “Arch Cards”, one for each contestant. Assistant principal Butcher of G-K Middle School acted as “pronouncer”. Superintendent Brent O’Daniell was on hand to offer encouragement to all of the students. Mrs. Emily Fowler organized the Spelling Bee and was assisted in judging by Principal Lekkas of G-K Middle School, and Mrs. Katie Schumacher. Mr. Francis, the principal of Genoa Elementary was also there to encourage the students.. Here is a list of all the student participants:

5th grade – John Swineheart

5th grade – Fernando Flores

5th grade – Mia Wise

6th grade – Kiefer Tripp (2018 Third Place)

6th grade – Alyssa Mostek (2018 Second Place)

6th grade – Dylan Pagel

7th grade – Mya Marshall

7th grade – Laila Martinez

7th grade – William Berndt (replaced Miranda Westbrok)

8th grade – Bryanna Sonntag (2018 First Place)

8th grade – Nathan Kawalski

8th grade – Elaine Lin

Special thanks go to the Masonic Temple and the folks that prepared the meal and to Lion Bradford and McDonalds for the Arch Cards, and Lion VanDerHeyden for making the arrangements with the school district. The trophies were from Hirschbein Trophies in Sycamore.

Pictured are 11 of the 12 spellers in the Scripps Spelling Bee local competition in the Genoa-Kingston School District 424 which was held in the Masonic Temple in Genoa on Jan. 17th. The missing student was Elaine Lin, who left before the photograph was taken.

Pictured front row (from left to right): Alyssa Mostek (2nd Place), Laila Martines, Mia Wise, Maya Marshall, Fernando Flores, William Berndt, Nathan Kawalski, John Swineheart, Kiefer Tripp, Dylan Pagel, Bryanna Sonntag (1st Place)




Genoa-Kingston Scripps 2018 Spelling Bee Champion Bryanna Sonntag having just received her trophy from Lion President Jerry Helland.


Featured Picture: Genoa-Kingston Scripps 2018 Spelling Bee Second Place finisher, Alyssa Mostek, receiving her trophy from Lion President Jerry Helland.