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District 1-D 2017-2018 LIONS CABINET
District Governor Steve Boettger 815-739-7879
1st VDG Barb Stewart 815-997-2511
2nd VDG & South West Zonechair Richard Delp 815-821-3280
IPDG, CC, District Administrator, International Convention, and Leo Clubs & Youth Exchange Pam Graney 815-378-0348
Cabinet Secretary & Web Liaison Nicole Fruit 815-529-5008
Cabinet Treasurer, South East Zonechair, & 1-D Raffle Promotions Edy Pfeiffer 815-915-7036
North West Zonechair Marcia Meyers 815-821-2300
North West Central Zonechair VACANT    
North East Central Zonechair, LEHP, & Hearing & Sight Preservation, Awareness and Action Kara Kelly 815-973-2473
North East Zonechair Owen Costanza 815-262-4293
Trustee, PDG Wayne Fruit 815-761-5044
Trustee, PCC, GLT, USA/Canada Leadership Forum, MD-1 Forum Fred Peska 815-821-3961
Alert & LIF Endowments/ Memorials Ken Bramer, PDG 815-563-4982
Campaign & Liaison Russ Sarver, PID 815-248-2758
Canine Companions/Leader Dog Judy Shaw, PDG 815-745-3339
Center for Sight & Hearing John Bendixen 815-608-7426
Chaplain & Lions Club International Foundation Duane Shaw, PDG 815-745-3339
Assistant Chaplain Billy Wilson 815-391-4414
Convention Committee–District & State Sharon Peska 815-821-3961
Cultural & Community Activities, International Relations Ruth Lyle, PDG 309-659-2460
Disaster & Welfare Plan & Honorary Ron Fruit, PDG 815-451-9448
Environmental Lynn Meyers 815-978-6157
Global Membership Team Marguerite Bronkala 815-980-9927
Golf Outing Joe Serafini 815-275-8737
Newsletter/State Magazine, Constitution & ByLaws Paul Lindstrom, PCC 815-738-2761
Peace Poster Contest Lonna Bentley 815-985-4354
Pin Chairperson (District & State) Barb Sager 815-289-5279
Social Media/Public Relations PJ Caposey 815-980-0310
Lions Quest Jim Kloepping, PDG 815-441-1731
Lions of Illinois Foundation (LIF) Coordinators
Birdies for Charity Mike Thill 815-291-8900
Camp Lions VACANT    
Candy Day & Sight/Sound Sweepstakes Karen Martin 815-243-4496
Diabetes Awareness VACANT    
Hearing Services & Key Ambassador Dave Waller, PFT 815-997-7692
Vision Screening Flora Stralow 815-772-4874