Welcome to District 1-D!

il_district-mapAt the north-western corner of Illinois, District 1-D composes of 1,858 Lions members as of August 2, 2017. As far west as the Mississippi River, down to Prophetstown and Paw Paw, up through Rochelle, Kirkland, Genoa, Marengo and Harvard and then across the Wisconsin/Illinois border; District 1-D consists of 55 Lions Clubs and 14 Leo Clubs. The 55 Lions Clubs are divided into 6 Zones, each possessing its own Zone Chairperson.

So, what does a Lions District do? As a whole, we operate under a Lions Cabinet that selects key members from the clubs all over the district. The District Governor selects her or his Cabinet for various positions. Some positions are the following:

  • Zone Chair – arranges zone meetings for their zone, visits the 7-11 clubs to encourage and facilitate the cooperation with the clubs within their zone, and to strengthen the pride of Lionism within their zone
  • Cabinet Secretary – maintains, encourages, and answers communication between the Cabinet, the individual Lions Clubs, and Lions Clubs International.
  • Alert Chair – helps clubs organize procedures in case a state of emergency occurs
  • District Newsletter Chair/State Magazine Liaison – allows the individual Lions clubs to see what other Lions clubs are doing around the district and even the State
  • Leader Dog Chair – encourages Lions Clubs to support Leader Dog
  • Global Leadership & Membership Team=promotes Lion clubs to strengthen their members in the leadership skills and to promote increasing and retaining their membership
  • International Convention 2017 Chair – encourages clubs to promote attendance in Chicago for our Centennial celebration, to increase people’s awareness in volunteering to help organize the event, and to make our members proud to be Lions Strong for a hundred years

There are over 40 positions on the Cabinet and they are there to inform, strengthen, and protect all 55 Lions Clubs in District 1-D.

Remember, we are #1 because we live in Illinois, the birthplace of Lionism!